Intelligent Therapy Management

The new medisoft software was developed by our engineers and safety experts in collaboration with dermatologists working in clinics and in surgeries and is constantly being further optimized. Decades long experience with computer – controlled UV cabin guarantees maximum safety and outstanding ergonomics today.

Modern computer control offers secure and comfortable operation and also ensures automatic documentation of the therapy. Therapy plans can be prepared and called up for every indication. In addition, all important parameters such as initial dose, maximum dose, intensification rate, treatment days, skin type and much more are all adjusted.

After the preparation of the therapy plans by the doctor, the adjustment of the treatment is very easy, quick and safe for the clinical staff. Subsequent doses can also be adjusted if necessary, depending on the skin reaction to the UV radiation, and the therapy plan can be automatically updated. The exposure can be carried out with the maximum accuracy possible.

Additionally, in the medisun-Isodosage the exposure time for each part of the skin can be individually calculated and carried out using the individual lamp circuits.

Automatic documenting of the whole therapy
All relevant therapy data are automatically recorded and stored in a proprietary database. The data can be consulted by doctors or medical personnel at any time and can also be printed if desired.

Printout of therapy reports
The therapy documents can be printed out on a compact DIN A4 sheet at any time if required by the health insurer or if changing doctors.

Automatic Servicing Interval Notification
A notification appears in the main menu giving information about an upcoming maintenance date before the end of the average lifespan of the bulb. This makes it more sensible to plan and combine maintenance with a possible bulb replacement. Unnecessary servicing costs are avoided and operating costs are lowered.

Data Supervision
The integrated data supervision will show a notification if there is too long a gap between a patient’s treatments. This can possibly be problematic if the patients’ skin becomes light sensitive again after a high dosage and longer break. If this happens, there will be a dose warning or an intensification block depending on the length of the break in therapy.

Connection to all common EDV systems.
It is possible to connect to other EDV systems for the purpose of bi-directional data exchange through an integrated GDT interface (obtainable as an optional accessory) and some special interface.

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